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Momentum June 8, 2009

Posted by Anna in Vision.
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This was actually written on 22 July 2003, during a particularly difficult shift in our lives – and I had quite forgotten about it. Back then, I (especially) felt as if something of myself would be lost with the change that was beyond our control. This describes a vision I had, which has proved to be very true. Usually when you rewrite something you’ve written previously, you make at least a few little adjustments here and there. In this instance, I haven’t. It didn’t seem right. This what what I saw; this was what I wrote. 2003.


A truck sped towards a destination, and although the driver was not in control, both the vehicle and its load were quite safe. There was a sense of tremendous momentum about the speed and trajectory of the truck, yet the driver was quite calm and trusting in the Force in charge of everything.

Suddenly an external force impacted the truck severely. The potential for a horror crash was extreme. The driver, however, did two things that averted such a catastrophe. Eyes remained fixed on the destination, and trust remained steady in the governing Force.

For a time, all remained steady and the truck seemed unstoppable. But the bombarding from the external forces continued. The driver couldn’t help but notice the noise and the impacts on the vehicle.

“What do we do?” the driver asked the Force. “Do we maintain momentum, or would you prefer to do this another way?”

“Maintain,” was the answer at first. “Calmness can lay great errors to rest.” So the driver remained calm.

It was the Force who applied the brakes.

“I don’t understand,” commented the driver. “I thought we were maintaining.”

“We were,” the Force replied. “And we are. But differently.”

The truck began to judder under the application of the brakes, and for the first time the driver experienced genuine fear. It no longer felt like a safe ride, and it took all the drivers will to remember the unshakeable truth of the Force’s character.

“You need rest,” said the Force in the midst of the juddering. “Not from your work, because you’ve been resting in your work. But the unrest around you has caused your focus on our destination to become too intense. If you keep staring ahead so fixedly, you’ll lose focus completely. Like snow-blindness.”

The driver understood. Too much fixation on the destination, the Light, would bring infection and deteriorated vision. The Force was slowing the truck, devising a Plan B, in order to keep the driver’s sight clear for the days ahead.

“Thank you,” said the driver.

“I love you,” said the Force.

“I know.” The driver stopped clutching the steering wheel, even though the truck was still moving. It was irrelevant in a sense – just a place to hang on to while things were so rough. The bombarding was still going on, but the driver sat back, relaxed, in the seat.

“It was your word and your presence,” the driver told the Force. “That’s what held me steady … not what I could hold onto.”

“Only partly true,” the Force replied. “While you held on so tight, your faithfulness revealed your certainty that our destination was true. When you let go, you affirmed your trust in me to get us there. I need your faithfulness and your trust as the conduit for my grace and power.”

The big rig began to slow more steadily and the driver began to think about stopping.

Stopping wasn’t a bad thing. It was resting, as the Force had promised. Like a winter season for a tree. The only visible signs of activity are the letting go of leaves so that the tree simply stands in faithfulness, trusting that spring will come.

“I can do that,” thought the driver.

The truck would be cleaned and maintained, tuned, refined and refuelled, and the driver would watch the Force oversee everything, enjoying his presence, learning from his words.

“Do you have any instructions for this time?” the driver asked as the truck slowed right down.

The Force nodded. “What three things do you know I’ve called to do?”

The driver needed no thinking time for that. The first was to love people wholeheartedly. The second was to stand as a pillar, strong in principles. The third was to speak words of life, in season and out of season.

“Let these things flow naturally from you,” said the Force. “Do this and no more. It will sharpen your vision for when we get going again.”

“Our destination is unchanged?” asked the driver.

The Force smiled enigmatically. “Don’t try to see for now. It is higher than before, so you can’t see it yet. Rest and let what you know flow from what already exists. When spring comes, I will show you a little bit, then, as we journey, you will see more and more as the seasons unfold. Just rest now.”

The driver nodded and listened as the Force slowed the eighteen-wheeler down through the gears.

As always, the Force was sure of the destination, sure of the process, and sure of the outcome.

Every life needs a driver. May the Force be with each one.